ask_sdk_model.interfaces.connections.v1 package



Canonical imports have been added in the of the package. This helps in importing the class directly from the package, than through the module.

For eg: if package a has module b with class C, you can do from a import C instead of from a.b import C.

ask_sdk_model.interfaces.connections.v1.start_connection_directive module

class ask_sdk_model.interfaces.connections.v1.start_connection_directive.StartConnectionDirective(uri=None, input=None, token=None)

Bases: ask_sdk_model.directive.Directive

This is the directive that a skill can send as part of their response to a session based request to start a connection. A response will be returned to the skill when the connection is handled.

  • uri ((optional) str) – This defines the name and version of connection that the requester is trying to send. The format of the uri should follow this pattern: connection://connectionName/connectionVersion. Invalid uri will cause an error which will be sent back to the requester.
  • input ((optional) dict(str, object)) – This is the input to the connection that the requester is trying to send. It is predefined by the handler of the connection. If the input format is incorrect, an error will be sent to to the requester.
  • token ((optional) str) – This is an echo back string that requester will receive it when it gets resumed. It is never sent to the handler of the connection.
attribute_map = {'input': 'input', 'object_type': 'type', 'token': 'token', 'uri': 'uri'}
deserialized_types = {'input': 'dict(str, object)', 'object_type': 'str', 'token': 'str', 'uri': 'str'}
supports_multiple_types = False

Returns the model properties as a dict


Returns the string representation of the model