ask_sdk_model.interfaces.messaging package



Canonical imports have been added in the of the package. This helps in importing the class directly from the package, than through the module.

For eg: if package a has module b with class C, you can do from a import C instead of from a.b import C.

ask_sdk_model.interfaces.messaging.message_received_request module

class ask_sdk_model.interfaces.messaging.message_received_request.MessageReceivedRequest(request_id=None, timestamp=None, locale=None, message=None)

Bases: ask_sdk_model.request.Request

  • request_id ((optional) str) – Represents the unique identifier for the specific request.
  • timestamp ((optional) datetime) – Provides the date and time when Alexa sent the request as an ISO 8601 formatted string. Used to verify the request when hosting your skill as a web service.
  • locale ((optional) str) – A string indicating the user’s locale. For example: en-US. This value is only provided with certain request types.
  • message ((optional) dict(str, object)) –
attribute_map = {'locale': 'locale', 'message': 'message', 'object_type': 'type', 'request_id': 'requestId', 'timestamp': 'timestamp'}
deserialized_types = {'locale': 'str', 'message': 'dict(str, object)', 'object_type': 'str', 'request_id': 'str', 'timestamp': 'datetime'}
supports_multiple_types = False

Returns the model properties as a dict


Returns the string representation of the model